Volunteers needed for the 2022 Russell Fork Rendezvous

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This fundraiser for American Water could not happen without the help of the community. Please help AW preserve and protect our country’s whitewater by lending a hand.


Descriptions of Volunteer Positions

Single Day Volunteers

Front gate workers are single day volunteers. The gate must be manned for almost the entire duration of the festival. Volunteering for a front gate shift is the simplest way to contribute to Rendezvous and get free admission.

These volunteers will greet people as they come in, give them basic instructions and answer questions about camping, sell them wrist bracelets, or ensure that returning guests show their bracelets on the way through.

Two people work each gate shift. Some shifts are very busy and others can be slow. Gate workers can take chairs, drinks or snacks and make it as fun as they want it to be.

Please be sure that you will arrive on site at least a half hour before your scheduled shift.

Single day volunteers will receive free entry into Rendezvous.


Weekend Warriors

To be more efficient, minimize the number of volunteers needed and save on cost, we are asking for a handful of weekend warriors to be on site by Thursday morning and to help us all the way through the end of the weekend. All weekend warriors will need to assist with setup, resetting throughout the event and tear down.

Grounds crew volunteers will help with placing trash cans, toilet paper, signs, tikis, stacking wood, setting up tents, etc) from 12pm-5pm on Thursday. They will take turns throughout the weekend checking and replacing trash cans or refilling tikis (only a few minutes each day). And they will help with the tear down on Sunday from 11am-3pm.

The festival organizer, Bob Larkin, and ministress of Magic, Brandy Mello, will also need assistants to help them with their projects throughout the weekend.

Weekend warriors will receive free admission, a free grounds parking pass and a free t-shirt.

Volunteer Sign-up

Volunteer Sign-up

Single Day Volunteers (includes free admission to the festival)

Weekend Warrior Volunteers (includes free admission, free grounds parking pass and free t-shirt)