– 2018 Live Music –

Booking bands now, check back for updates to the line-up.

Magnolia Boulevard

Magnolia Boulevard is a five piece band built in Lexington, Kentucky. With a variety of musical backgrounds, the group has come together seamlessly on a common sound: balancing the line between blues and rock n’ roll. Inspired by greats -like The Allman Brothers Band and Tedeschi Trucks Band- this group has their own unique story to tell…

Ryan Allen – Keys
Todd Copeland – Drums
Gregg Erwin – Guitar
Maggie Noelle – Voclas/Guitar
John Roberts – Bass

The River Funk

The returning heroes from the 2017 festival, this band knows how to deliver. Torrential rain, sleet or snow, nothing stops The River Funk and nothing stops the party when this band hits the stage.





Groundhog Gravy

Drawn together from across the country by the call of West Virginia’s wildest rivers, Groundhog Gravy is the musical union of five professional whitewater guides. Their sound is diverse; guitar-driven rock that rages like a crashing hydraulic, soft soul as smooth and deep as still water, rollicking funk that flows like a steep, continuous creek. Music at once as wild as surging floodwater, and as serene as sunrise in a fogged valley. Music that ebbs and flows like the mountain streams these boys call home.







Dark Moon Hollow

Self-described as a “Traditional bluegrass project” you’ll quickly see what an understatement this is. In short, this band is what it’s all about. As wild, fun and yes, as traditional as it gets. Dark Moon Hollow will set the stage on fire with a performance you won’t forget.


Brett Horton

Trigger Trey

Thomas Keathley

Dave Fish

Sean Morrisey





Heirloom Symphony   

Heirloom Symphony, with lead singer/song writer Jared Hamilton, Emily Miller on Fiddle and Thomas Keathley on Banjo offer a sound, deeply steeped in tradition yet uniquely different. Formally known as Dr. Hamilton’s Remedy, this is a band with something to say. Both talented and entertaining, the true magic of Heirloom goes beyond the melody. Listen close, this is a band that will make an impact.



Collateral Jamage

Deep within the multiverse, along the Virginia line, brews something strange. Derived from elements of funk&groove with the range of an intergalactic spaceship, this trip ends on the moon every time; by way of Interstellar Funk. We are Collateral Jamage.